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Seventeen and Oh: Miami, 1972, and the NFL's Only Perfect Season (Abrams Press, July 2022).

A Backhanded Gift, a novel (New Chapter Press, 2013).

A Terrible Splendor: Three Extraordinary Men, a World Poised for War, and the Greatest Tennis Match Ever Played (Crown, 2009; Three Rivers Press paperback, 2010).

Mysteries of Lost Empires (MacMillan UK, 2000). Companion to the NOVA series. With David E. Fisher

Strangers in the Night: A Brief History of Life on Other Worlds (Counterpoint, 1998). With David E. Fisher

Tube: The Invention of Television (Counterpoint, 1996; Harcourt-Brace paperback, 1997). With David E. Fisher

The Ozone Layer (Chelsea House, 1992).


11/2/22   "The Shrinking Library"—short story

7/2/20    "Nabokov vs. Hemingway"—Volodya and Papa in a bout for the ages

4/9/20    "Packets of Air"—a surreal pneumonia ICU experience, pre-COVID

Sports Illustrated (website)

3/13/17    "Disallow the Bouncing Ball"—a modest proposal for professional tennis


Sept 2016    "Lawn Boys"—an age-old chore, family style

The San Francisco Chronicle

12/23/17    Review of The World Broke in Two by Bill Goldstein

6/3/16    Review of Late to the Ball by Gerald Marzorati

12/14/08    Review of My Life at First Try by Mark Budman

The New York Times (website)

12/26/14    "A Hell of a Thing"—insomnia and parenting

Brandeis Magazine

Summer 2013    "Little Feet"—short story

Berkshire Magazine

Dec 2012    "Hangman"—laundry and life


2005   Cannibals—poem 

The Atlantic Monthly

May 2002    “Tennis on the Green”—grass-court tennis

Dec 2001   “Pixels at an Exhibition”—digital photography

April 2001   “The Ergonomic Rocking Chair”

Oct 2000    “Better Living Through the Placebo Effect”

May 2000   “The Unlikely Father of Miami Crime Fiction”— Charles Willeford

April 1998   “An Eye for Anomaly”—Rosamond Purcell

Sept 1997   “”—internet scam

Aug 1997   “Artful Restorations”—ébénesterie

July 1997   “Alleycat Couriers”—bicycle messenger races

July 1995   “The Feel of Wood” —wooden tennis rackets

Jan 1998 (website)   “Punt, Pass, Dance, and Pray”—end-zone celebrations

Oct 1997; (website)   “Brando’s Birds”—Atlantic Abroad, Paris

Aug 1997 (website)   “Ecophobia”—environmental angst


Dec 2002   Memoria ex Machina—reprint from DoubleTake 


Summer 2002   Memoria ex Machina—a remembrance of gadgets past

Summer 2000   “Bodysurfing: My Father’s Board”


August 2004   "The Biology of Migraines"

July 2002   “The X-Prize”—civilian rocketry

April 2001   “The Nitrogen Bomb”—nitrogen pollution

Country Journal

May 2000   “At Home with Annie”—profile


Sep/Oct 1998   “A Woman’s War on Worms”—Health project in Cameroon

May/Jun 1997   “The Coral Kingdom”—Belize archaeology

Dec 1990   “Cliff Notes”—Wyoming rock art

June 1990   “Bones of Contention”—Indian remains


Winter 1999   “Madame Nurse”—Peace Corps nurse in Cameroon

American Way

May 1, 1998    “The Paperback Heist”—short story

The Sciences

Nov/Dec 1996   “Racket Science”—tennis technology

May/Jun 1996   “Water Whirled”—Earth’s slowing spin

Mar/Apr 1996   "Immaculate Reception"—digital TV

Los Angeles Times Book Review

3/1/97  “Review of “Defining Vision” by Joel Brinkley

American Heritage of Invention& Technology

Winter 1997   “The Color War”—development of color TV

Los Angeles Times Magazine

9/15/91   "Attack of the Killer Mosquitos"—insects and global warming

Boston Book Review

Fall 1994, Apr, Sep 1995   Reviews of books by Dorris, McPhee, and Iyer

Unpublished Works
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